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Read all the latest arthritis research news and find out how arthritis pain relief can be achieved through medicines, exercise, diet supplements and surgery.
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Gout symptoms and gout pain

Gout is a form of arthritis that more often occurs in middle-aged people. Gout pain usually occurs suddenly, with no gout symptoms other that mild to severe joint discomfort, disabling patients to continue with their daily activities when it occurs.

Gout symptoms are more commonly seen in men that in women, but also in overweight people of both genders, particularly those who consume large amounts of foods high in nucleic acid such as red meat, eggs, beer and wine. Men are also more prone to gout pain than women, because the female hormone estrogen protects them.

Some medicines may also cause gout, including niacin, diuretics, cyclosporine, low doses of aspirin, and even some drugs used in the treatment of cancer. Gout pain appears when too much uric acid forms crystals in the joint fluid. Gout symptoms start usually suddenly, at night, and in the big toe.

Among other gout symptoms, joints become red, feeling hot to the touch. Any joint may be affected causing gout pain as only a symptom. The painful condition may last for several days, but frequent gout attacks over the years can lead to tophi, a condition consisting of soft tissue swellings caused by uric acid crystals.

It is important to observe any gout symptoms careful to ensure the proper treatment and gout pain relievers, because patients may be in risk of kidney stones or kidney disease if the gout condition last for a long period of time.. Visit your doctor often and eat a healthy diet.

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