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Read all the latest arthritis research news and find out how arthritis pain relief can be achieved through medicines, exercise, diet supplements and surgery.
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Arthritis Surgery

Arthritis surgery

Surgeons who specialize in arthritis surgery are called orthopedic surgeons. Generally your family doctor will refer you to a specialist surgeon. Arthritis surgey includes removal of the joint lining (Synovectomy), bone fusion (Arthrodesis), joint reconstruction (Arthroplasty), and cutting and resetting of the bone (Osteotomy). The development of arthroscopic arthritis surgery, whereby joints can be examined by a tiny camera before a course of action is decided, has made arthritis surgery a safer option.

Your specialist doctor in arthritis surgery will ask you lots of questions to determine your suitability for arthritis surgery and be sure to ask questions yourself. Your questions should include: are you sure I need arthritis surgery; what can expect from the arthritis surgery; does my arthritis respond well to arthritis surgery; what are the risks; how much rehabilitation is involved; will I be able to stand the arthritis surgery; and what will my life be like in the future if I don't have arthritis surgery.


The removal of an inflamed, overgrown joint lining to stop synovial invasion by cutting away much of the joint lining with arthritis surgery.


Where unsteady or painful joints are lined up and fused together by removing the cartilage from bone ends and a bone layer and joining the joint together with rods, pins or screws.


Degenerated or diseased joints are removed and replaced with man-made parts to relieve pain and greatly improve mobility. Hip replacements are a well-known example of this type of arthritis surgery.


The surgical removal of a section of bone to make the joints align again screwing the edges together to get them to grow together in the correct alignment.

As you can see there are a variety of arthritis surgery options if you suffer from one of the types of this painful and often times debilitating disease. However, be sure to discuss these options with your doctor and at all times, keep yourself cheerful, think positively and take treatment seriously. Get yourself in good shape for the operation and plan to receive good post-operative care from your arthritis surgery.

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