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Read all the latest arthritis research news and find out how arthritis pain relief can be achieved through medicines, exercise, diet supplements and surgery.
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Arthritis massage

Varieties of arthritis Massage

There are a variety of arthritis massage options that you may consider.. But remember seek out only fully trained and, preferably, experienced practitioners and be sure to given them feedback if any of the arthritis is making pain worse or not being effective.

Swedish arthritis massage

A form of arthritis massage that involves gentle kneading and rubbing skin, muscles and connective tissue. More or less pressure can be applied to suit the patient and his/her condition. This relaxing form of arthritis massage is very therapeutic.

Sports arthritis massage

As an aid to easing sore spots and injuries such as strains, muscle soreness and tendonitis, this form of arthritis massage means kneading and stroking the connective tissue and muscles most affected. Joint inflammations need special care, so make sure your physical therapist is trained in arthritis massage.

Deep tissue arthritis massage

This type of arthritis massage involves forceful pressure being exerted to help relieve chronic tension deep within the muscles. This arthritis is quite a performance as the practitioner tends to use elbows, thumbs and fingers to relieve aching muscles. Again, seek out an experienced person to perform this ache-relieving arthritis massage.

Trigger point therapy

Use ful for fibromyalgia sufferers, this type of arthritis massage uses the fingers to apply deep pressure on affected muscles. Pain is then diverted by overloading the pain sensors-a sort of 'no pain, no gain' exercise that may not be for everyone.


The main aim of this arthritis massage treatment is to realign the body by manipulating and stretching the fascia, a thin membrane that covers the bones. Intense pressure is then applied to release muscle tightness. This usually runs for one hour a week for 10 weeks and can be quite a painful arthritis massage technique.

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