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Read all the latest arthritis research news and find out how arthritis pain relief can be achieved through medicines, exercise, diet supplements and surgery.
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Arthritis cure

An arthritis cure - Should Arthritis Sufferers Be Hopeful?

Modern technology, great that its advances have been, is yet to discover an arthritis cure. There are more than 150 types of arthritis, so finding one arthritis cure won't cut it. Researchers will need to find an arthritis cure for all the different types of arthritis to really eliminate the pain and discomfort of this disease for all sufferers. Despite the fact there is no true arthritis cure or vaccination you can receive to keep you from developing arthritis, there are many treatments that are considered an arthritis cure simply because they reduce pain and inflammation significantly.

For example, the world is cheering for glucosamine and calling this the arthritis cure simply because it has amazing properties that are not necessarily an arthritis cure, but reduce swelling and pain significantly. Because of this, glucosamine is the closest to an arthritis cure there is. However, there are other things considered the "arthritis cure" as well.

Many individuals believe hip and knee replacements, as well as other joint replacements, are the arthritis cure because it completely replaces the joint with synthetic materials and there is no arthritis pain like before. However, this is not really an arthritis cure because it does not cure the disease, it simply replaces a joint. So, a hip replacement due to arthritic degeneration might be the arthritis cure for that particular joint, but so far as curing the entire body it is impossible.

And you should be aware that there are people out there trying to sell you an arthritis cure that you should be wary of. For instance don't listen to those who promise an arthritis cure using secret formulas. It's vital that you know every ingredient of any thing you ingest. Avoid 'one-cure-for-all' remedies since the different types of arthritis have different symptoms and causes. Finally, stay right away from so called 'miracle cures', for as much as you might want to believe in such arthritis cures, there is no such thing.

However, doctors and researchers are working hard to find an arthritis cure, at least for the most common types of arthritis. Don't expect an arthritis cure anytime soon however because doctors and researchers are still baffled why some individuals develop arthritis and others don't.

There are no quick arthritis cures or 'miraculous gout relief', but pain can be managed starting with a healthy diet and other forms of treatment that your doctor will evaluate and consider effective for your gout relief. Arthritis may be an inherited condition but you can get arthritis pain relief following a good diet and getting regular exercise, combined with medicinal products, surgical procedures or reputable complementary alternative medicines.

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